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Analytics and Automation Are Simplifying Revenue Strategy

Revolutionary innovations in technology - such as automation, machine learning and advanced analytics models - are enabling hotel revenue teams to simplify their processes and focus on building strategies to drive revenue.

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Ensuring the relevant inputs are accurate and appropriate is essential for managing by exception and automation. See how tracking the right trends and setting up the right rules allows revenue managers to lean on technology and take their strategies to the next level.

Technology upgrades relying on artificial intelligence or machine learning can perform functions, identify and recognize patterns faster than a human. Learn how modern innovations help revenue managers become more proactive.

Discover how DORMs are adopting a "manage by exception strategy" where software automates the daily, repetitive tasks, freeing up time to focus on solving challenges and identifying new revenue generating opportunities. 

Managing by Exception


Forecasting and Analytics

“When you think of revenue management and crunching numbers, I always thought it was this one guy or gal who’s in a room who’s just down looking at a computer just stressing out. And that’s not the case anymore. Instead of just sitting there crunching numbers and pulling reports, I’m allowed more time to just think creatively. I have a very balanced work-life.”

Nathan Gray

Regional Director of Revenue Management, Coast Hotels

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